Handpick your Inventory from over 450k Publishers

55+ SSPs are partners with are a few to mention. Richer interaction data, improved targeting options, and a more seamless user experience are the results of these partnerships. Scale and brand integrity are guaranteed by Demand Matic direct relationships, which benefits the ecology of all digital advertising.

Our list of partners is always growing, so your creatives will have the chance to appear on some of the most respectable websites and platforms in the world as well as other channels. We provide native inventory, video (including CTV), and display.

Utilizing and combining audience targeting data from various data management platforms is simple with Demand Matic.

We provide integrations for Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. Demand Matic effortlessly gathers data from your current conversion monitoring platform and tailors campaigns to target the most engaged people in order to maximize key performance indicators.

You may access more than 450 thousand publisher sites with Demand Matic. The most prestigious news and media outlets in the globe, including CNN, MSN, The Washington Post, The Weather Channel, The Sun, Fox News Channel, Daily Mail, Yahoo!, and others, provide brand-safe placements for many of our biggest partners. In addition, we provide a sizable collection of international specialist websites in the fields of sports, entertainment, economics, fashion, health, and technology.