Frequently Asked Queries

Frequently Asked Queries

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We will send you an invoice and you can make make payments using wire transfer or check.

Some of the most well-known games, apps, and mobile websites, like TMZ, Forbes, Sudoku, Univision, Reddit, and The Weather Channel, will display your adverts. We automatically identify your users and know where to find them thanks to machine learning. Every day, we serve more than 300 million ads and get our advertisers over 100,000 app installs. It could take some time for a new software to figure out what functions, but over time, the system will learn and get better all the time.

The funds for your campaigns are within your control. You can specify the maximum number of installs you desire each day as well as the cost per install for each campaign.

We support cost per install (CPI). With CPI you pay only when a new user downloads, installs and opens your ap

You decide how much a new user is worth to you and set the price accordingly. Keep in mind that our system automatically takes this into account when deciding where to advertise and if the price is set too low we may not be able to deliver the number of installs you expect.

Often people will want to create a new campaign that's similar to an existing campaign. For example you might want different campaigns for different targeted countries. To do this, use campaign cloning. From the list of campaigns, click the sheep icon, make the necessary changes and click Submit. This will create a new campaign with values copied from an existing campaign.

We have a creative upload tool that lets you upload your own creatives. If you don't have creatives ready, that's not a problem. In that case, we will automatically create them for you based on information from your app's page in Google Play or Apple App Store.