Case Studies

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  • Objective

    Lead Generation

  • Product

    Demand Matic


Peugeot, an Outbrain client for a long time, was looking for an outcome-based programmatic solution to support efficient lead acquisition outside of paid social media and other conventional buying channels. Peugeot therefore used Demand Matic, a demand-side platform from Outbrain, in conjunction with its agency, Publicis, to achieve its performance objective to the fullest.


Peugeot was able to reach audiences most likely to convert through the Demand Matic platform thanks to Outbrain's special expertise in semantic analysis and custom predictive automated bidding technology, even though the industry was preparing for a cookieless future.

  • The brand connected its Google Analytics account straight to the dashboard using Demand Matic cookie-free data connection tool, giving real-time access to traffic statistics and supplying the algorithm with insightful interaction data that facilitated the achievement of brand performance targets.
  • The campaign was able to prioritize the lead target, which was the car trade-in, and concentrate on the highest-performing placements thanks to the integration of the Demand Matic pixel and the activation of the AI-powered Bid Strategy.


With a competitive CPV, the campaign was able to fulfill its CPL objective thanks to Outbrain's Demand Matic platform. For Peugeot's lead generation campaign in March, Outbrain performed better than social media: