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Demand Matic Platform Side

Platform Designed for Performance and Engagement

What We Provide

Demand Matic is the first multi-channel demand-side platform designed for performance and engagement in history. Results and post-click behavior enhancement are our areas of expertise. Our fantastic team of professionals will support you at every turn as you navigate the path to effective programmatic marketing.

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How We Proceed

With Demand Matic, advertisers may transcend frequency and reach measurements. Making use of AI and machine learning Demand Matic finds the publishers/platforms, placements, and creatives that get the ideal people to interact with your advertisements and websites in order to achieve your goals and maximize your return on investment.

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What Differs Between Us

Semantics and context served as the cornerstone for Demand Matic first development. Neither audience targeting nor third-party cookies are relevant. We made a separate bid. depending on AI-predicted results for every impression. We don't merely bid the inputted number; instead, we calculate the value of each impression for every advertiser,

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Platform Go Beyond the CPM

The self-serve programmatic advertising management tool from Demand Matic is a simple yet effective solution to the intricacy of modern digital media buying.

Advertisers can modify their creatives from a single platform for native, video, and display on numerous devices, and consolidate all of their digital media procurement.

With some of the most cutting-edge capabilities available in the market, Demand Matic enables you and your teams to create end-to-end programmatic campaigns that are successful.

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Supply Partners

Access the World's Most Premium Publishers & SSPs

Demand Matic offers unmatched scale on the most premium publishers and SSPs in the world with direct access to over 50 native, video, and display networks across all devices.


Frequently Asked Queries

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We will send you an invoice and you can make make payments using wire transfer or check.

Some of the most well-known games, apps, and mobile websites, like TMZ, Forbes, Sudoku, Univision, Reddit, and The Weather Channel, will display your adverts. We automatically identify your users and know where to find them thanks to machine learning. Every day, we serve more than 300 million ads and get our advertisers over 100,000 app installs. It could take some time for a new software to figure out what functions, but over time, the system will learn and get better all the time.

The funds for your campaigns are within your control. You can specify the maximum number of installs you desire each day as well as the cost per install for each campaign.

We support cost per install (CPI). With CPI you pay only when a new user downloads, installs and opens your ap